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Foliage or Spoilage? Adding Greenery to the bathroom.

A bathroom is more than just a place to do your morning routine and answer nature’s calls. It’s a place for self-indulgence, respite and relaxation, and long and luxurious baths. If there’s one thing that can instantly transform a bathroom into a relaxing, rejuvenating haven, it’s foliage. Greens, whether in the form of a wall garden, hanging planters, creepers and vines, or glass-jar succulents, have a way of bringing life to a lifeless space. But that opinion is divided. I’m for it, but I’m finding many are opposed. Are they right?

Among many important conversations we will be having around the dinner table, ‘foliage – for or against?’ Maybe right up there with more prescient global concerns. Many disdain the plastic disasters at Poundland or their more upmarket M & S counterparts, but perhaps they have simply not been inspired by the right selection? I think that tasteful and careful plant presentation can add life to your bathroom, providing you with an oasis of calm in your home. 

So firstly, what am I talking about? Everyone knows what a plant is (hopefully) but really I’m talking one step up from that, and comically would like to share a few staircases up from that too.

I love bathrooms. I see a lot of them. From old and tired to cutting-edge contemporary. I design and suggest ideas to clients built on this. I like to ignite and stoke up enthusiasm for style and individuality. It can be risky, but conforming is dull. Don’t be afraid to be unique.

So plants are good, and safe. They generally work. Plants in pots, pots on shelves, yay. Floor standing, larger ones are nice if you have space. Below is what caught my attention in a showroom. Saw it loved it and have been plugging it ever since.

It’s essentially called a ‘living wall’. This is a small example but could be a beautiful conversation point. What I like so much about this is the bold design statement. Display niches cut into walls are great. A luxury and a boast. But they are so often just filled with candles, soap, maybe a jar or vase. Worse still a trio of cubes telling you to ‘Love, Bathe, laugh’

This decision is braver, and so unique. Imagination. The glass/acrylic front adds to the specialness of the sight. a kind of ‘exquisite foliage’ notice like in an art gallery; ‘Too delicate and intricate to touch, just admire.’

Panning back focussing on the surrounding stone-effect tile – I imagine this in a downstairs loo of a luxury house. Perhaps no natural light therefore a substitute for a window with the glass lending further to that concept. Touching on the subject of light (future blog right there) I feel it’s wrong here. As I’ve said it’s only a showroom but I love to be a critic. (lurking behind my ‘critique’ badge.) No filter on this shot it shows an appropriate mid-range led strip within the niche (4000k) but the reflection shows an adjacent lit mirror of a bright, strong cool light (6000k+) which is overpowering the display. Adding to that the spotlights above are also too cool – fighting the warmth of the greenery with the over-bearing of cool lighting. It’s all in the detail.

Not everyone can have/fit a niche. It’s a bit extreme, and lavish, and may not suit your space.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t adapt the idea. Google (Love Google) displays a plethora of ideas and creativity on this idea to be had for the most part reasonable and expendable cost (should your cat decide to knock your display off and smash it like ours did) Greenery can breathe life into your space. I feel it’s gone out of fashion but the concept can be revitalised within the modern home.

Some of these are a bit much but the idea can be played with. A display feature I feel should be part of the design process of your bathroom or ensuite, not just an afterthought from aisle five, homeware on the weekly shop. It doesn’t have to be greenery. Designer watches, perfume, art, sculptures, whatever is ‘you’.

Of course, it’s a question of balance. people can get too excited with the idea. Google doesn’t disappoint. ‘Everything in moderation…’

Where ‘wow!’ becomes ‘whoa!’

In summary, with or without greenery your bathroom is capable of so much more than just functionality. Craft it to make you smile. Or ask us to do it for you!!!

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